BootStrapping The Central Florida Black Community

BootStrapping The Central Florida Black Community
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'BootStrapping the Central Florida Black Community' is a road map, a handbook of the philosophy, principles, ideas and a step by step guide to jump starting the Central Florida Black Community.

The BootStrapping Project, is designed to motivate and to encourage Black people to support other Black people in their efforts to improve the quality of life for themselves and the Black community.


Dozens of Black church congregations have agreed to support locally owned Black businesses, keeping millions of dollars circulating in our community longer.

The economic barometer for Black dollars is starting to look better in Central Florida. Black businesses listed in the  Urban Orlando Business directory will experience sustainable revenue growth. This growth is driven by the new movement of Black people who are stepping up efforts to buy Black regularly.


This book list the Five (5) Truths about Blacks in America. These five truths are the guiding concepts to implementing the BootStrapping Strategies.

There are eight (8) areas in the Black Diaspora that have been identified and if controlled by Black people, the quality of life will greatly improve in those critical areas of life, which makes living worth while.


If you are Black and living in Central Florida, you should buy this book: 

Accept the concepts;

Apply the strategies, and

Enhance the quality of life for your community.


BootStrapping The Central Florida Black Community

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 BootStrapping Plan is on Point, 01-10-2018 09:37AM

By: Darlene

Everyone in the Black Community know what the issues are that we face every single day. BootStrapping The Central Florida Black Community is an amazing handbook with step-by-step instructions to not only organize the Black Community, but it also explains how to mobilize our people.

 BootStrapping The Central Florida Black Community, 01-09-2018 05:21PM

By: Lawrence

This is the first book that I have seen on this subject that actually gives a step by step program to get results. It is time to stop talking and start acting. The philosophy and principles adequately justify the reasoning and logic used to get to the final conclusions. Thanks for this book.

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