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Accounting  (4)

Bookkeeping and accounting services.
Our explanation of bookkeeping attempts to provide you with an understanding of bookkeeping and its relationship with accounting.

Advertising & Marketing  (17)

Advertising and marketing experts get your information out to the public.

Art, Paintings, Photography  (6)

Category for drawing, painting, and photography

Automotive & Transportation  (3)

Category for automotive sales, rentals, maintenance repair, luxury transportation, delivery

Catering  (4)

Provide food and drinks at a party, meeting, etc. Usually provide serving utensils and other niceties.

Commercial Real Estate  (2)

Want to sell your business or commercial property? Here you will find qualified agents that will help you sell or buy your business.

Construction  (4)

Do you need to add a room or build a house or building? Listed here are qualified and certified construction companies to help you bring your dream alive.

Consulting  (13)

Counseling  (6)

Counseling - business, education, testing, student, family, individual, marrage,

Counseling - Family  (4)

Counseling - Family

Counseling - Individual  (2)

Individual counseling

Education  (6)

The Education Category includes, schools, child care, adult care all educational organizations.

Entertainment  (5)

Entertainment includes a wide area of activities. radio, tv, internet social sites, blogtalk, youtube etc. these areas will be broken down as needed.

Financial Services  (9)

Save, invest, grow your portfolio using qualified personal and commercial financial experts.

Health & Beauty  (2)

Health and beauty category encompassed all manner of health and beauty remedies.

Information & Technology  (5)

This category includes computer sales, repair, consultants, and all things technical.

Insurance  (2)

All manner of insurance. Life, health, business, personal, commercial and more.

Legal  (5)

Look for qualified attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries,.

Medical  (1)

Medical Doctors, Pharmacies, Dental, Physical Therapist, Herbal Treatment, Medical Supplies,

Religious  (6)

This is the category for churches and other religious organizations

Residential Real Estate  (9)

Residential real estate sales, rentals, maintenance, repair

Restaurants  (7)

There are listings for fast foods, casual dining, family affairs and large gatherings.

Security  (6)

Security - personal, business, event

Spirituality  (5)


Telecommunications  (2)

Do you need a communications system set up in your office? Phone systems, inhouse video system, security system and more.

Shopping Center  (12)

Shopping centers, large area with multiple retail businesses and independent services for sell or hire.

Roofing Services  (1)

General construction companies specializing in roof repair and roofing services.

Books  (4)

Books and manuscripts written by Black authors. This category also include speakers and bloggers.

Tax Professionals and Consultants  (3)

Professional tax consultants - personal, business,

Chambers of Commerce  (1)

Chamber of commerce or business network. These are local organizations of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses.

Attorneys  (1)

Attorneys and counsel at law

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