Glendy Hamilton Financial Services

Glendy Hamilton Financial Services

Glendy Hamilton Financial Services
Pastor Glendy Hamilton -Second Stream Advisor
Helping my people develop and grow a second stream of income.

   In my role as a Second Stream Advisor, I serve clients with varying levels of income. But my aim is the same for everyone, to help families reach their spiritual and financial goals. 
   We provide the tools and the training to be successful. That is spiritual training as well as business training. We believe that a person’s mindset is the key to success.
    I do this because, over the years I’ve noticed that nearly all of the higher-income people have several streams of cash coming in every month.
    Heck, even I have several income streams going on, including Harvest Baptist Church, where I have been a pastor for over 40 years.  I am a pastor in the community where I live. We have to grow the average household income ourselves. We can’t depend on government legislation to figure it out for us. 
    I want to help all of our families to add another stream of income and become financially independant. Let’s increase our household incomes and improve our own economic situation. 

Let me help you find the solution that fits your family’s income stream needs.

A lot of my work revolves around helping clients find the right second income or helping them grow their already existing businesses. We help you:

· Identify your potential clients

· engage your niche using modern techniques

· Develop your business structure with cloud based technology

· Promote your product or service with advanced logic

· Keep cost low by using a phased fee structure so you only pay for what you use and what is effective

Our technology plus your determination, wins. 


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