Metro Federation of Churches

Metro Federation of Churches


The Metro Federation of Churches is a group of Christian Churches organized for the mission of bringing people to salvation, in Jesus Christ and enhancing opportunity for viable, effective and dynamic relationship as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  This is accomplished through regularity of warm fellowship, jubilant praise, biblical teaching, inspirational preaching, sincere worship and community outreach opportunities.



Dr. Leonard Holt, 407-914-6981Rev. Charles Graham, President./Dir. of Music-407-716-1021Rev. Billy Jackson Vice-Pres 407-532-0044
Rev. Bennie Bradford, Secretary-407-299-5547Sis. Catherine Roberts, Asst. Sec-407-299-0709/407-803-7911Rev.Curtis Wilson-407-422-3372/321-689-0606
Rev. Alfred Moore, Treasurer-407-443-6573Rev. James Harris, Asst. Treasurer-407-872-0552Rev. Lewis James, Chaplain-407-962-8731
Min. Allan Walker, Editor of Metro Chronicle-407-878-7245Min. Margaret Anthony, Youth Min-407-841-6654/321-287-1129Min. Connie Holt, Asst. Director of Music-407-914-6980



When Jesus went into Jerusalem riding on a donkey people placed more than palm branches in his way, they placed their garments, straw and branches as well. This was to show the recognition of the people to the fact that their savior and king was in their midst. Jesus is worthy of all praise, “The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” Psalm 19:1 Of course What was to follow was Jesus suffering and passion, he would die a horrible death of crucifixion, but rise from the dead, victorious over death and as a great King goes forth as a conqueror, so did Jesus who conquered the greatest enemy of all.

One day we will be before this triumphal King and I could imagine seeing palms again, but this much I know and am certain we will all have crowns showing the victory and the royal inheritance that we have because of Jesus and instead of casting Palms, we will cast crowns at the feet of Jesus.  

God Bless and keep you is my prayer!

Rev. Charles E. Graham


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