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Are You Living Pray-check to Pray-check?

     We were taught to pray for relief from pain and suffering. While praying, we ask for what we want. In our capitalist society, following prayer with targeted action completes the prayer.

     Did you know :

  • 78% of U.S. workers are living paycheck to paycheck .
  • Nearly 3 in 4 workers say they are in debt
  • More than half of minimum wage workers work more than one job.

Increase your household income by starting a Side Hustle

Urban Orlando Business with The BootStrapping Project will help you to identify the best Side Hustle for you.  

     Do you already have a side hustle? Great, we will help you.

We will help you grow your hustle and grow your income by incorporating a ‘phased’ strategy which includes:

Lead CaptureRecord KeepingMedia Marketing
PodCast AppearanceManage BackofficeNetworking Events
Video MarketingEmail MarketingTax Filing

We want to increase our community’s household incomes. Do you want to be a part of the increase?  Pray about it, then give us a call.      Mobile:(407) 300-5855     Email:


Thank you for considering our business family. You have taken a first step towards dominating your industry within our niche market.  Urban Orlando Business directory provides the marketing tools you will need to promote your business to thousands of eager consumers that want to do business with you. 
Becoming a bona fide member of Urban Orlando Business puts your company in position to grow and succeed. We will combine our resources with your eagerness to succeed and together we will grow your company and the community.  
You have probably heard of the ‘Gorilla Marketing’ concept. We offer you a level up from that marketing style, by making available to you all the support you want at each phase as you progress towards the top of your business community.
Xtreme Marketing 
Extremely focused business marketing is the art of promoting products and services to extreme levels. It is a focused program of step-by-step events announcing products and services to (pre-vetted) consumers in an actionable way.  Products and services are presented to consumers and they are encouraged to participate during each phase.
The marketing starts by introducing your products and services to thousands of local consumers in a gradual and methodical way which promotes top-of-mind awareness.  We work with you to ‘brand’ your company into a household name.    
Why Xtreme Marketing
How can our Xtreme Marketing concepts help you to succeed? 
Let’s take a look at the top small businesses problems.
Finding Customers
This isn’t just a small or local business problem. Even the biggest, most successful companies have people working hard every single day to find new customers.
Hiring Talented People
Hiring is often one of the biggest challenges for small businesses, especially since small business executives tend to feel under-resourced to begin with.
Spreading Brand Awareness
It can sometimes seem like today’s biggest brands seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. Can your business grow like that?
Building an Email List
As if it isn’t hard enough to build an email list, did you know your email marketing database degrades by about 22.5% every year? That means you have to increase your email list by almost a quarter to just maintain it, never mind grow it.
Lead Generation
Another problem most small businesses share is lead generation – specifically, generating enough leads to keep the sales numbers up. Only 1 in 10 marketers feel their lead generation campaigns are effective.
Balancing Quality and Growth
It is tough mix of designing your company for scalability versus doing what you have to do to get it all done today.
Believe in your online presence
According to a survey, only 47% of small businesses believe their online presence is serving their business well, which is a problem! An effective online presence is critical to the success of a small business.
Biggest marketing challenge and most wanted wish list item
The largest marketing challenge small businesses face is that they don’t have enough leads, and getting more leads is also their number one wish list item. Simply put, leads are the lifeline of every business.
Build Strategic partnerships
One of the most overlooked sources of leads for any business is the pool of non-competing businesses that serve the same target market. Identifying a group of ‘best of” providers in your market and finding ways to gain access to their customer base is one of the quickest ways to flood your business with new leads.
Most-pressing marketing need
When small businesses sit back and think what they need the most as it related to their marketing efforts, there is a tie between having a clear marketing strategy and implementing effective advertising. Effective advertising can get taken care of with a strong marketing strategy. 
Here are some of the tools at your disposal that you use to solve these marketing and sales issues, once you join the Urban Orlando Business family.
Phase1.  (3 - 6 months) – Embrace Your Niche  
a. Your 3 minute promotional video
b. Lead capture 
c. Up to 20 pictures
d. Statistics to track progress
e. Tools and training to help you succeed
f. Much more
Phase2.  (3 - 6 months) Data Mining 
Good record keeping produces data that when analyzed proves invaluable.
a. Level One Record Keeping
b. Analysis of the bookkeeping numbers with business methods and      procedures
c. Banner advertising in online newsmagazine.
d. Networking and Training Events
e. Two Press Release per year.
f. Much more
Phase3. (3 to 6 months) Tax Man Cometh
a. Tax analyst functions 
b. Tax consultant 
c. Increased Video/audio promotions
d. Hosted Events
e. Seminar Tours (Lead seminar groups)
f. Much more
Phase4.  Xtreme Marketing in Full Effect  
a. Development of Website
b. Hosting/domain name
c. Total marketing focused
d. Much more
There are additional resources to round out our full marketing stack
⦁ Bona fide member of The BootStrapping Project 
⦁ Membership in Urban Orlando Business Directory
⦁ Membership in news/magazine
⦁ Membership in Kingdom Chamber of Commerce
Other Features, Benefits and resources offered.
A. Lead Capturing
B. Email Marketing
C. Drip (funnel) Marketing
D. Encouraged collaboration with other members of The           BootStrapping Project
E. Bookkeeping Services/consulting
F. Tax Services/consulting 
G. Access to business knowledge base and resources
H. Business Training/Seminars/Workshops
I. Hyper Local Business to Business Communication
J. Hyper Local Consumer to Business Communication
Let’s Get Started
Start by first creating your Web Page Profile. Click ‘Create Account’ from the left side menu. Fill in the form to create your user account then click the ‘Submit’ button. You can then create your Business Profile Page.  It is only $14.99 to setup and then $14.99 for your first month subscription payment.  Thank you again for choosing Urban Orlando Business as your marketing partner.  Please call if you have questions or comments, (407) 615-4066.


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by Lawrence A. Robinson 
We all know, that the Black community is hurting in many areas. We lack equal housing and we are being foreclosed on more so than others. I have been told by Realtors that 7 out of 10 foreclosures in Florida, are us.

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