Steeple Financial Services

Steeple Financial Services

Good Credit Saves You Money

18 months ago, my rent was over $300 more per month than my present mortgage payment; my rental was 925 square feet smaller than my home is and my rental didn’t have a pool.                        How is your credit?


My wife and I were renting a nice home in a nice neighborhood when we noticed sharp increases in rental fees. The cost of renting a house was about 32% more than the price of a mortgage. That meant we were paying almost $1295 a month rent when about $975 would be the mortgage payment.

We checked our credit rating and decided to work on our scores a little bit while we searched for a home.

Three months later, our scores had improved. We easily got pre-approved for a home loan. Knowing what we could spend made house hunting much easier.

If you are ready to stop renting and save hundreds of dollars a month at the same time, submit your email address and let’s talk. (407) 615-4066.                                                           Lawrence A Robinson

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