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Malike is a Loc Style Specialist

Our Creator has blessed me with over 15 years of dedicated service to natural hair from fades to blowouts to loc grooming. My passion for natural hair is to rejuvenate it's true beauty on a level of classiness and sophistication. Over the centuries our hair at it's natural state has been looked at as, dreadful, unpresentatable and even unacceptable. When the truth has always been, 'The more natural you are, the more beautiful you are. Of course with a little upkeep, oils, treatment and regular grooming. Not only is it a natural look but a natural feel as well. Your Crown should often be kept up! Most of all, 'Respected' boldness is what you are telling the rest of the world when you are in your natural state of essence. Aside from what society's image of what true beauty is, natural hair is confident, exciting, erotic, unapologetic and just plain SEXY!! Express yourself Malike

Malike is a professional hair care specialist who has been in the business for over 15 years.


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